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cardinals got together with the burgandy and gold. >> november 29th, 1992. a day of friendship was tested. joe bugle coaching the cardinals against his friend joe gibbs the and the defending super bowl champion redskins. in the first quarter, mark gets sanders. it's 7-3 redskins. on defense, brad edwards stole the show. and three cardinal passes. number 27 returned this one 53 yards for a touchdown. the skins would win big, snapping a two-game losing streak. just what the doctor ordered. >> for me maybe i needed a slap in the face and say wakeup. this is a situation. somebody has got to make plays. i was fortunate enough to be
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there. really the hits and things mean probably more to me than the interceptions but i'll take those. >> with a huge lead they opened up the playbook. that's mark ripin in the circle, lining up at receiver. under center, former college quarterback mitchell. mitchell takes the snap and goes 17 yards for a big gain. but the insult to injury happened late in the fourth quarter. skins up 43-3. carrie conklin is quarterback and coach gibbs calls for a pass. especially when art reels it in from 10 yards out. the result, a 41-3 thumping. and afterwards the bugle bitterness ensued. >> before i say anything else about it, you have to ask joe about that. you know what i mean? that left a bad taste in my mouth.
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that's quite all right. >> i really probably shouldn't have thrown that last time. i wanted to get a couple throws to get him in there. he's worked hard all this time. i just felt like today is a good time to get it in. >> got our butts kicked. go home. four games to go. four-game schedule. not much he can say. >> the next day, sitting down with george michael, coach gibbs admitted he goofed. >> we had a run called at third and five and got penalized. if i had to do it over again, you make mistakes sometimes. >> but if you had to do it over again you would still like kerry throw the pass? >> not that one.
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not down there. possession type pass. i thought third and ten. we haven't had a pass all year. i thought it was safe. no. i really got caught up in our end of it. that's one way to look at it. but then there's another side. and i made a mistake there. when you make a mistake, just say it and go on. >> of course joe gibbs and joe bugle remain very close today having reunited in 2004. joe is no longer here after having retired last season. a member of his offensive line is the focus of this week's game time segment. last year's season was so dismal that casey was named offensive player of the year. when you have your center, it's the most valuable part of your offense. you know you're not scoring a lot of points. nevertheless, casey was already ready to go as we found out in redskins game game.
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>>. >> i just want to spit in his eye. >> it's not the first contact actually is like you get your bell running a little bit. you get the feel of the game. you get ready for football. here we come off the sideline. if there's anything funky we will go over it.
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when i come up this time, i'm a little upset. stay with me here now. you've got to do this. it's making corrections. any corrections that need to be made are made and we go from here. that's how i get ready for game time. >> we'll be back to wrap things up on "redskins game plan." stay with us right after this.
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that's going to do it for week 1 of "redskins game plan." join us next sunday for the cowboys game plan. a count down to redskins live from fedex field. don't miss it. we'll see you then.
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local teams are doing well behind the wheel. u.s. news and world report has ranked washington number one for young drivers. the rankings are based on 11 statistics, including the number of teens with licenses, the number of teen driver deaths and driving safety laws in the state. california and colorado rounded out the top three, maryland was fourth, illinois was fifth. in our region virginia and west virginia were the worst ranking 33rd and 44th respectively. so these days getting a
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diploma isn't the only thing seniors have to worry about, college prep, dances, photos. how one family is dealing with the cost of just being a high school senior. >> reporter: single mom brenda brown is bracing for her daughter's senior year, not just the events, excitement and memorable moments but just what all that will cost. >> we just have to talk to her about what we can afford and try to give her a little bit of everything but you can't get everything. we have to pick and choose. >> you grow up really fast, you have to get a job. you have to do all this stuff just to be a senior. >> reporter: for seniors there is so much to choose from and save for. senior pictures, $350 package, graduation fees, the prom, homecoming, s.a.t. fees and prep courses and college application fees.
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>> homecoming and prom, that is hard to think about going to because you have to pay for them and they are very pricey. >> it came up to $1,700 and that doesn't include the car. >> reporter: and work. in addition to a full load of classes, marian is looking for a job. what can you do to make shelling out for senior year less painful? start saving and planning early. >> when you start saving in the ninth or tenth grade that is probably the best thing. the colleges, the fees, they go up. if you plan for that, at least you'll be halfway there. >> reporter: if your son or daughter is beginning the senior year, keep in mind ordering and paying early can pay off. there are often discounts earlier in the year and the deeper you get into the school year the more frequent events and expenditures become. >> every parent wants their child to have the best senior
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year ever. >> reporter: jim handly. some food for thought when choosing your ne
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new research is suggesting this rule for weight los. just add water. overweight adults who drank two eight-ounce glasses of water before every meal lost 30% more weight. those results work for people 35 or older. you might love desserts and sugary drink, but might not like what it does for your health. doreen gentzler has more. >> i'm into cookies, brownies, that kind of sweets. sugar is in. >> i love brown sugar because it
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is more natural but i love honey, too. >> we are a society of sugar addicts. >> i feel like it is a cycle where our bodies want more and more of it. >> reporter: but with millions of us battling obesity, nutrition experts agree many of us agree we are getting too much of a sweet thing. a registered dietitian says way too much. >> this is the amount of added sugar in a typical week. three times considered safe as an upper level and mostly from sweetened beverages. >> reporter: drinking one sweetened tea or energy drink is a double shot of straight sugar, the amount most people should have over two days. >> there are sugars in foods we think are good for us. we might grab a granola bar. they have a half a day to a full day's sugar in one. >> reporter: the trick is to read the ingredient list, look
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for the added sugars and try to avoid them, not just white sugar, but honey, molasses or high fructose corn syrup. you should limit your intake to two tablespoons a day or 25 to 30 grams. that can be tough considering this small pudding has the same amount of sugar as the entire container of coco covered almonds. >> if you have candy and soda, just one is over your limit. >> reporter: the best way to keep your sugar intake low is fruits and dried fruits. sweet treats that will satisfy a sweet tooth and contain vitamins and minerals. >> flip over the package and
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look for different types of sugar. more than 4 grams of sugar, i recommend people to look for something else or consume it in moderation because chances are what you're eating is not as good for you as something with natural sugar. >> doreen gentzler, news 4. >> after all that, if you can't resist something like ice cream, gelatto or frozen yogurt. those frozen treats are different when it comes to taste and nutrition. liz crenshaw has the frozen facts on some of your favorite cold desserts. >> i thought my husband was crazy six years ago. he had this crazy idea of opening a gelatto store. >> this couple had no idea their gelatto shop would be such a hit here in d.c. it has grown 700% in the last six years. >> we are so proud of what we make. it is not about the money. it is about making a difference.
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>> reporter: their gelatto is so popular because it is made by hand in this tiny kitchen tucked underneath their georgetown store. they use local ingredients. when it comes to whipping up blackberries and cream and sicillian pistachio, what makes this different from a scoop of ice cream or a cup of frozen yogurt? we went to a chef for some answers. >> gelatto is a little bit lower in fat than regular ice cream. it is spun at a lower rate of speed so there is less what we call overrun in there. the air. >> reporter: less air means creamier and denser. ice cream by law is required to have 10% fat is made with cream and sugar and is spun faster than gelatto so there is more air in it. then there's frozen custard.
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frozen custard, the trick is? >> egg yolk. >> reporter: it has a higher fat content because of egg yolks. what about frozen yogurt? that is made with milk, how does it get its signature tangy taste? >> yogurt is a cultured milk product. >> reporter: if you are trying to avoid dairy, check out sorbet, commonly sold at gelatto shops. it is made with sugar, water and flavoring. >> it is good. >> reporter: of these five frozen summer favorites what is your best bet if you are trying to look good poolside? one serving of ice cream is 140 calories and seven grams of fat, gelatto, 150 calories, six grams of fat, frozen custard, 330 calories, 11 grams of fat, plain frozen yogurt, 100 calories, two
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grams of fat, sorbet, 113 calories and no fat. if you are really trying to watch your figure, you may want to avoid this frozen fun altogether. >> i would pick the gym. but if you want something lower in fat, possibly healthier, go with a fat-free frozen yogurt or sorbet. >> reporter: liz crenshaw, news 4. we will go inside the new smithsonian exhibit. our
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an african proverb says you can identify a person's tribe by the language they cry in. hundreds of years ago slaves were brought to this country bearing their sorrow in many tongues. but the words and customs of their homeland were diluted in the generations that followed. or where they? the smithsonian anacostia museum
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has linguist dow turner who 80 years ago went to the southern coast of the u.s. and brazil and found africa. ♪ >> reporter: the gullas live in south carolina and georgia. the descendants of african slaves and managed to maintain the distinct dialect and customs traced back to sierra leone where most of their ancestors were abducted. >> they kept their language and culture and food. they were able to name their children with african names to keep the traditions alive. >> reporter: the connections between the gulla and africa were discovered by lorenzo dow turner who devoted his life to documenting the ghost of africa that still lingered in america's
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black communities. word, shout, song. a new exhibit at the smithsonian anacostia community museum celebrating the works of turner and shows us how africa was allowed to survive the middle passage and take root in the new world. the words of a gulla funeral song are displayed, almost identical to the mindy funeral song sung by one woman in a small village in sierra leon. the gulla woman whose grandmother learned the song from her mother who was a slave from sierra leon. mary is taken back to the village where she and her granddaughter sing the song for her african sisters. >> this song survived 300 years in america. >> reporter: the woman in the village says her grandmother
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told her one day someone will sing this song and you know it will be a relative. turner's greatest discovery was in brazil. the religion practiced there came from west africa and has richly maintained its african ritual to this day. it is one of the most african communities outside the continent. the exhibit word, shout, song, lorenzo dow turner, connecting community through language is getting a lot of traffic. >> awesome. >> it is not cliche. it is something that you might not think about but you definitely need to know about. >> reporter: a costume stands in one exhibit. it represents the goddess of wind and storm. lorenzo dow turner shows us another powerful element, a warm african breeze carried on the breath of the spoken word.
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word, shout, song is on display at the smithsonian's anacostia community museum until the end of march. please go see it. it is fascinating. that is all for "news 4 this week." thanks for joining us. i'm wendy rieger. i hope you continue to have a fabulous weekend. one word turns innovative design into revolutionary performance. one word makes the difference between defining the mission and accomplishing the mission.
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one word makes the difference in defending our nation and the cause of freedom. how... is the word that makes all the difference.
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